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2012-11-21-8:40 p.m.


of the many potential reasons i am perpetually single in my adult life, for the most salient, i nominate the fact that i am simply no good at dating, which introduces a subset of it's own reasons to the cause:
i'm stubborn and opinionated
unlinke most women,i wear clothes. and by clothes, i don't mean low-cut tops, ass-revealing skirts, pajamas, loungewear, workout clothes, "yoga" pants, sweats, minidresses, jeans, t-shirts, etc--i wear real clothes, which is apparently, a real turn-off
i sneer down upon those who do not wear real clothes, including men who attempt to take me out while wearing a raggedy t-shirt. walking away.
i'm smart enough to be frustrated and horrified by the stupidity of most people, which renders me unable to find someone who, say, doesn't realize that politicians are all liars, attractive
i have extremely poor social skills
i can't keep interest in anyone who doesn't put me first, which is how i put him

the list goes on and on and on...

broken - breaking

simply notsaying
and i bl33DthRu it all

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